What if I have connection issues?

The signal of the Bluetooth may be weakened if the source device is covered or blocked by other objects, and this applies to all Bluetooth devices. Indeed, the human body is the biggest source of interference in the use case of the Helix Cuff. Also, external interference may also cause the Bluetooth headset to drop the connection with your host device. There are a number of factors that can cause this to happen, WiFi signals being the biggest culprit of them all.

However, we have engineered and tested the headset to work under most of the daily use cases. We also wanted to emphasize that the Bluetooth headset doesn't work like wired headset, that means that interruption does happen occasionally due to the interference of the static electricity of your body. 

To get the best Bluetooth signal, please try the following:
  • Keep your smartphone on the same side of the earbud
  • Touch a few metal objects that connect the ground to discharge the static electricity on your body (especially during the winter)
  • After you put your smartphone in your pocket, let the connection between the earbud and the smartphone settle down for a minute or two, so they can find the best signal channel

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